Bewitched by Eat This Hot Show

It’s been over a decade of the ever changing on and off voices from the Eat This Hot Show podcast. Inspired by The View (talk show), a podcast grown by thoughtful and humorous hosts with queer perspectives.

Looking back over the years I’ve realized that I have created artwork for Eat This Hot Show basted on popular TV shows that featuring fierce, powerful witches. The latest is based on that Marvel Studios. Scarlet Witch show. ETHS, where queer badass witches voice their Wanda+ful Vision+s.

To be continued…


2015 New York City Drag March

NYC Drag March 2015_poster_94 Go to the mother of all drag marches! The 2015 New York City Drag March FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2015 7PM Gather at Tompkins Square Park – 8PM March towards Stonewall Inn ‪ #‎NYCdragmarch‬

2014 New York City Drag March

NYC Drag March 2014 8.5x11_v1
Hey gurl hey! Come join the NYC Drag March!
Event page:

Bathroom Humor

I walked into the men’s bathroom and found that new dividers were installed between the urinals. Someone left a couple post-it notes on them…
New Dividers Built Between Urinals

I'm not complaining,

Maybe the money should have gone to

Missing Stall Door

To The New Year


Dear Year of the Horse,

Thank you for the wonderful excuse of getting together with my family to feast. Mom made my favorite. Her home made Vietnamese egg rolls! She said she was cooking all day. Since eight in the morning. She made 150 egg rolls and traditional Vietnamese food for the Lunar New Year. It was yum, yum yummy and I am so grateful to have been enjoying left overs this past week.

May the Lunar New Year bring us happiness & good luck, prosperity and longevity.